NIACOG serves as the Regional Transit Authority for the eight county area (includes Cerro Gordo, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Kossuth, Mitchell, Winnebago and Worth counties). Transit service is available for use by any one in the area. Each service is tailored to the needs of the local users.

The Region 2 Transit System operates 92 vehicles throughout the eight county area.

All services are open to the general public, including commuters, shoppers, students, seniors, persons with disabilities and travelers of all types. In most areas the bus, van or car will pick you up at your door and deliver you to your job, medical appointment, meal site, school, bus depot, airport or favorite shopping center.

The Region 2 Transit System is funded in part through the Federal Transit Administration, Iowa Department of Transportation, Elderbridge Area Agency on Aging, Contract revenue and fares.

The system provides approximately 400,000 rides annually.

Reasonable Modification Policy

Region 2 Transit follows all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including amendments to clarify existing rules under 49 CFR Part 27 and 37 as implemented in July 2015.  Per this final rule, Region 2 Transit is required to make reasonable modifications or accommodations to our policies and procedures to ensure individuals with disabilities have equal access to Region 2 Transit's services.

Region 2 Transit will make reasonable modifications to its policies and procedures when necessary to avoid discrimination and ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.  Reasonable modifications do have limitations are not intended to:

  • Cause a direct threat to the health and safety of others
  • Create undue financial and administrative burdens
  • Constitute a fundamental alteration in services
  • Not necessary to provide equal access to an Region 2 Transit service

Considerations when making a reasonable modification request:

  • Individuals requesting modifications shall describe what they need in order to use the service by completing our Reasonable Modification Request form
  • Individuals requesting modifications are not required to use the term “reasonable modification” when making the request
  • Whenever feasible, requests for modifications shall be made and determined in advance, before the transportation provider is expected to provide the modified service
  • Where a request for modification cannot be made and determined in advance (because of a condition or barrier at the destination of an Region 2 Transit service of which the individual was not aware), Region 2 Transit shall make a determination of whether the modification should be provided at the time of the request

Whenever possible, please make the request in advance, before the modification is needed to access the service.  Region 2 Transit will make every effort, to the maximum extent feasible, to ensure that a person with a disability has access to, and benefits from, its services.
To request reasonable modifications based on a disability please complete the Reasonable Modification Request form or contact Region 2 Transit Administrator, Kevin Kramer, at (641) 423-0491 ext. 17, or mail to 525 6th St SW, Mason City, IA 50401.   Region 2 Transit will review the request in accordance with its reasonable modification plan.  All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Any individual who believes they have not been provided with a reasonable modification for disability under DOT 49 CFR Parts 27 & 37 and related statutes in receiving Region 2 Transit services may file a written complaint using the Reasonable Modification Complaint Form.


General Public
CITY SERVICE(White ticket) Includes only: Clear Lake, Charles City, Algona, Forest City, Lake Mills and Northwood
MASON CITY PARATRANSIT (White ticket) Includes travel within Mason City
COUNTY SERVICE (Pink ticket) Travel within any county in Region 2
REGIONAL SERVICE (Yellow ticket)Travel from one county within Region 2 to another county within Region 2
EVENING/WEEKEND SERVICE (Orange ticket) Mason City ONLY 6:00 am -12:00 (midnight) Monday - Friday; 8:00am - Noon, Saturday

Ticket sales outlets: Mason City City Hall, Clear Lake City Hall, Forest City City Hall, Charles City City Hall, Northwood City Hall, Osage Senior Center, Hampton Senior Center, Opportunity Village and NIACOG.

711 Relay Iowa (
telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking over a Text Telephone (TTY) or verbally to hearing parties) -

Cerro Gordo County
Clear Lake
Mason City
Mason City Paratransit
Floyd County
Charles City
Franklin County
Hancock County
Kossuth County
Mitchell County
Winnebago County
Forest City
Lake Mills
Worth County

Region 2 Transit System does not intend to discriminate, in the provision of public transit services, on the basis of race, age, disability, religion, color, sex or national origin/English proficiency.  If anyone feels that there has been a violation of this policy, they may file a complaint with Region 2 Transit’s Transit Administrator by phone at 641-423-0491x17 or through written correspondence to Transit Administrator, Region 2 Transit System, c/o North Iowa Area Council of Governments, 525 Sixth Street S.W., Mason City, Iowa 50401-5058.


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